St. Raphael Counseling of Catholic Charities Offers Virtual Office Hours

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St. Raphael Counseling of Catholic Charities exists for times such as this

Crisis. Trauma. Uncertainty.

St. Raphael Counseling of Catholic Charities exists for times such as this. We are here for you.

What’s more, we are practicing psychology infused with prayer for each and every one of our clients – combined with the resources based on the unfaltering wisdom of Holy Scripture and Holy Catholic Church tradition.

In this time of increased stress, here are some ways that all of us can cope:

  • Exercise. This is the number one de–stressor and contributor to physical and mental health. Start with walking down the street or lifting light weights and stretching. For those wanting more of a challenge begin to train for the marathon you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Breathe. Take one deep belly breath in (to the count of four) and slowly breathe out (to the count of six). Breathe the Holy Spirit in, and breathe out all impurities. This signals our nervous system to move from the sympathetic to parasympathetic system to calm and deeply relax us. Equally measured deeper breaths help us rest and relax while still staying alert.
  • Stop and Think. When we become anxious or upset, our brain sometimes signals that we are in danger. Feelings intensify and thinking slows. Be aware of escalating anxiety, fear and anger. First tell yourself, “Stop.” Then think about what you can do to become more calm. Use this list for ideas.
  • Collaborate…. with your friends, spouse or children to create a “50 fun things to do list.” See how many you can actually try to do!
  • Distance but don’t isolate. Connection to others is a mental health protective factor.
  • Embrace a new mindset. Rather than wait until things “go back to normal” be open to the idea of “a new normal” and decide how you would like to live within the new situation you are in.
  • Limit continual news updates on the Coronavirus, which can create anxiety.
  • Use this time as an opportunity to engage more deeply. Play with your children. Begin to pray more deeply and earnestly. Ask for forgiveness.
  • Do something you’ve always been meaning to do but have not “had the time.” Learn a language, research a topic of interest or start a journal. If words are not easy for you, draw or paint your feelings.
  • Practice Gratitude. Research shows that finding one thing a day to be grateful for promotes mental and spiritual health.
  • Pray. Try few words and a lot of heart.

Our team is maintaining virtual office hours to meet the needs of current counseling clients and new clients by using TeleHealth online platform. Therapy sessions on TeleHealth are a confidential and an ethical alternative when face–to–face sessions are not possible. School counselors will continue to be available to parents and teachers by phone.

Anxiety and stress is going to be experienced more intensely during this time of Coronavirus crisis. This is understandable and normal. It may be helpful to find ways to talk through these feelings with a spouse, friend or therapist.

If you need us, please call our office Monday through Friday at 720–377–1359. Or go to our website at StRaphaelCounseling.com if you would like more information or to make an appointment.

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