Pictures from the Rite of Installation Mass for Fr. Angel

Fr. Angel’s Message from December 15th’s Rite of Installation Mass:

First, as God’s humble servant, I thank him for this gift – the gift of faith, of love and of dedication to the mission He set before me.  I ask the Holy Spirit to continue to guide and inspire me as an instrument of His divine grace.

Thank you to Archbishop Aquila for being the presence of the Holy Father for us today.  I am also deeply thankful for his continuing support and leadership within the Church in Denver.  Archbishop Aquila is a model of living his vocation in extraordinary service to the Holy Father and the Catholic church.

To all my fellow priests and deacons – thank you for your support and friendship.  I will be forever grateful to God for the gift of your friendship and the ways in which you have touched my life while making a lasting impression on my heart.

To my communities from the Neocatechumenal Way, thank you for welcoming me as a brother and helping me to find my faith and vocation – I pray for you every day just as you continue to pray for me.

And to my parents, my brother, my sisters and the rest of my family – it is your love that formed me into the person I am today.  You are my compass and my comfort – you are such a blessing.  Our family is one of God’s great masterpieces and I thank Him every day for each of you. 

A church community is family. And today, I am so thankful for each of you – my brothers and sisters who have welcomed me into the faith communities of St. John the Baptist and St. Nicholas churches.   Your prayers, your endless kindness and profound love for each other and for our Lord continue to inspire me daily.

Here are some pictures from the Rite of Installation Mass. If you have any pictures you would like to add to our gallery, please send them to