2020 Voter Guide

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To assist Catholics in voting this year, the team at the Colorado Catholic Conference has developed a guide to assist in casting your vote:

“As faithful Catholics, it is our duty and obligation to take part in shaping the moral character of our community, our state, and our country—especially in a time of so much civic unrest and the need to address injustices of the past and present. One important way to do this is through voting.”  -Colorado Catholic Conference

On the website you can learn more about several important topics including:

  • The Hierarchy of Values to Guide Voting As a Catholic
  • A Downloadable Colorado Catholic Voting Card
  • Online Voter Registration
  • Information on Ballot Issues Including:
    • 115 Prohibition on Late Term Abortion (Yes on 115 video from Colorado Catholic Conference)
    • 76 Citizenship Qualification of Electors
    • 118 Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program
    • 116 State Income Tax Rate Reduction

You can access all of the above items by clicking on this link: www.cocatholicconference.org/get-out-the-vote.   Additionally, each of the above topics contains a link directly to that information, just click on the text highlighted in purple.